The V3 League Tournament is a spoken word competition showcasing the best as well as emerging poets in the nation.  The tournament is a head to head competition which will take place primarily at the legendary Nuyorican Poets Café but will also be in other locations throughout New York City.  Eligibility in our tournaments is simple; you must be at least 17 years of age and selected by one of our V3L affiliates.  The V3L is a very structured organization, with plans to expand our programs and events nationwide.   Once you participate in any V3L match, you are considered a member of the league.  And accordingly, you are eligible to participate in other applicable V3L events.


Mission Statement: Powered by the performance poet and dramatic storyteller with a competitive spirit.  We are a platform for verbal content that moves people.

Four Core Principles: The V3L promotes the enjoyment and involvement of competitive poetry and to contribute to its preservation and growth by providing services to the poetry/spoken word industry.  The V3L will accomplish this mission by enhancing the skills of its professionals and the opportunities for amateurs, employers, manufacturers, employees, hosts, high schools, colleges and the general public.  In doing so, the V3L will:

  1. Create and foster premium content in performance poetry.
  2. Raise the standard of competitive spoken word.
  3. Enhance the economic well-being of our members. 
  4. Stimulate interest in the art-form and promote its overall vitality.


  1. V3 LEAGUE
        1. In order to be in the League, participants must be at least 17 years of age
        2. V3 League is a head to head competitive spoken word/ Poetry entity with the sole purpose promoting poems that move people. There will be no poems directed towards the destruction of another person’s character or to embarrass a person based on actual events.
        3. Poets are selected and must apply
          1. Each poet is competing for the V3 League mini belt. Plus a cash prize to be determined.
          2. The V3 League Mini Belt will be displayed at the institution hosting the event
      1. There will be 3 judges. Each Judge will rank a competitor’s performance from a scale of 1 to 10. (10 being the highest)
      2. The score of each round per competitor will be determined by the accumulative amount of the three judges:Ex.: Judge A – 10, Judge B -9.5, Judge C- 9.3, = 28.8 (competitors score for the round is 28.8)
      3. The judges will be preselected. They will consist of Community Leaders, Seasoned poets and performers
      4. The overall score will be revealed at the end of the last round.
      5. A winner is determined by both the number of rounds won and accumulative points. If a competitor fails to win on rounds and points, then a fourth round will determine a winner
      6. In the event of a fourth round, whomever wins that fourth round is the winner of the match. You do not add the fourth to the accumulative score. The fourth round stands on its own as if it was a one round match. In the event of a tie in the fourth round, the match is then marked down as a tie. There is no fifth round. A new match has to be scheduled.


PHONE: 516.426.3143